Leopard terror in Maharajganj, goats made a morsel | After leaving the forest, entered the village, made goats a morsel; Panic spread among the villagers

Maharajganj8 minutes ago

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A leopard that came out of the forest entered the primary school.

A leopard attack in a village in Uttar Pradesh’s Maharajganj has left the villagers in panic. First of all, in the village, the leopard made cattle its prey. The forest department teams are continuously trying to catch the leopard.

Leopard entered primary school, villagers in panic
The case is of Sohgibarwa village of Maharajganj. A leopard came out of the forest and entered the village today. First the leopard entered the village and hunted the goats. He later entered an elementary school. But this spread panic among the villagers and they started screaming. However, till now the leopard has not hunted any villager.

Forest department team is trying to catch leopard, no success till now
Due to being surrounded by forest on all sides of Maharajganj, there are many wild animals there. That is why there is often panic in the villages. In this case the team of forest department is continuously trying to catch the leopard. But till now they have not got success.

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