Life has no barricades (The mystery)

Today, I am going to introduce you to a mysterious guy called ‘Life’ which is quite unpredictable, a puzzle, a riddle, a joke, a secret, something unexplainable, unsolvable and difficult to understand. Unexpected phenomenon happen, simple things are made complicated, complicated things are solved so easily within the snap of a finger. When you think everything is done, something is left somewhere, when you say you have got everything, the next moment you find you are losing things.

Well, you must be thinking why I am saying all these?

Okay, I am not the founder/CEO of life, or not the brand ambassador too. I am just like all others who is on the way to life and trying to “have my cup of tea with life and sometimes also coffee“. But, most of the time I love to have ginger tea with life as it is quite a good remedy for a good headache.

Life is such a big drama itself, like a daily soap, you will be waiting to see “what’s coming next”? You will find tragedy, comedy, romance, rom-com, sci-fi, and all the emotions together and when you are sure of winning, you lose and vice versa. By the time you gain much courage and confidence, it becomes too late. This is life and you don’t know what’s coming next.

Life has no barricades and you can’t stop anything. You can’t stop the good moments, good days, and freeze them, you can’t stop the happiness, goodness in your life, you can’t stop what you love the most. You too can’t stop the bad days, the hard and tough times, you can’t stop the tears the way you can’t stop the laughter and believe me, they exit the way they enter. You can’t stop anything, because life has no barricades, and remember the following:

1) Knowns become unknowns and unknowns become knowns.

2) When people start flying, they forget the ground, they forget you and when they find their wings are broken then only they remember the ground and they remember you.

3) The people you love the most may hurt you the most.

4) Sometimes, wrong things happen at the right time and right things happen at the wrong time.

5) When all hopes die, everything fails in life, miracles happen.

So, don’t be too serious about life. Life is meant to be lived not to be analyzed, questioned; accept what comes, live in the moment, stay calm, cool and positive, spread happiness, live, laugh and love. 

(To be continued…)



Views expressed above are the author’s own.



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