“Life Was Good When…”: Internet Respond To Zomato’s Post

Zomato shares a post on Instagram that has left Internet nostalgic.

Social media is a repository of content which makes people nostalgic. One such post is becoming popular on Instagram, which the users say takes them to the “good old days”.

It has been posted by food delivery platform Zomato. “Throwback to the good ol’ no pressure days,” reads the caption.

The accompanying poster has a message: “Life was good when the only deadline we had was to turn off the gas flame in three whistles of a cooker.”

The post went viral garnering more than 18,000 likes and stirring nostalgia among Internet users.

“Life was good when the only problems in life were in the maths book,” wrote a user.

Some, however, took a dig at Zomato and its Pro membership scheme. “Life was good when Zomato didn’t charge extra from Pro members,” said an Instagram user.

While a third user said, “Life was good when pineapple was consumed without it being on a pizza.”

Another post which made users nostalgic was about reaching the station hours before the schedule departure of the train.

The post was made on Twitter by a man who goes by the name Brain Nibbler. “My family has reached the station at 7.15 for the 8.40 train. How long ago does your family arrive?” he said.

As the tweet gained traction, comments started pouring in.

“There was a train of 5.10, had reached 3.45,” a user wrote.

“My parents reach 1.5 hours early because 20 years ago someone in the ‘Khaandan’ missed the train once because traffic I don’t even question the rational anymore or they end up narrating the entire incident all over again,” tweeted another.


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