Like each other, the family is not agreeing. Like each other, the family is not agreeing

ShahjahanpurOne hour ago

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Both girls live in a locality of Chowk Kotwali area

In Shahjahanpur, two girls reached the police station and told the inspector that we like each other. Both want to be together forever. But our families are not ready for this. The inspector called both the families to the police station and talked to them. Nor is the family ready to accept it. Police said that the outcome of this case can only come out through talks.

Family members put a ban on meeting

Two girls living in a locality in Chowk Kotwali area of ​​the district are childhood friends. Both visit each other’s houses. When the friendship between the two turned into love. Both did not know. When the family of both came to know about this relationship. So he banned the meeting of daughters. Which both opposed.

The family members engaged in celebrating the daughters

To maintain their relationship, both reached Kotwali today. Told the inspector that sir, both of us have been together since childhood. Now we both want to be together forever. But the family is strongly against it. help me. The inspector called the families of both of them to the police station. Where the family members are busy celebrating their daughters. A girl is a student of B.A. phyllon. So she lives in another house. At present, the families of both are busy in persuading each other in Kotwali for about an hour. Inspector Brajesh Kumar told that both the families are trying to persuade the daughters by coming to the Kotwali. What will be the result after the talks. Further action will be taken based on that.

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