Live and let live! 

Nagorno Karabakh is physically inside Azerbaijan but controlled by Armenia.

Kashmir is physically a part of India but a continuous threat to Indians living there. 

Eastern Ladakh is physically in India but currently in a standoff with China.

Through this pandemic, with the world literally being on shutdown, the greed and power struggle has seen no end. 

Civilian fatalities continue to increase on both sides, with neither wanting to give in. The two countries, part of the former Soviet Union were engaged in a long-drawn war in the early 1990s over this mountainous region. But it was resolved and a ceasefire was reached; temporary at that. It sort of brings to mind the adage – Don’t push things under the rug! Solve it once and for all. Live and Let Live. For, at any instance, the two countries get, conflict arises in the region. 

The landlocked Nagorno Karabakh has been under dispute for many years. Russia, Turkey, France, America are all rooting for Azerbaijan. After all, it is a very important region as the pipes that carry oil for the rest of the world pass through here. Why is there always an ulterior motive for pacification? When we elect leaders to rule Countries, we look up to them as Warriors of Peace! We put our faith in them so as civilians, we can live in peace! 

Did Armenia attack first or did Azerbaijan? 

Both countries are on a defensive claiming it was the other, but for the civilians in the tension escalated area, it is of less consequence as to who decides their fate.. for at the moment, staying alive is their only concern! 

The UN once again is extremely concerned. World authorities are coming together to reach a solution with immediate effect. But with Azerbaijan pledging to take back its territory and Armenia wowing to stake its all to defend their land.. who is to say when a full-blown war could break out! 

Live and let live is a simple philosophy of life. With closing borders, airspaces and travel, every Country in the world has felt the tremors of the virus economically, socially and emotionally. Perhaps its time, we introspect and understand that our breaths are numbered and no amount of powerplay is going to increase that!

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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