Liverpool won the FA Cup title: After 16 years, the 150-year-old football tournament won, defeating Chelsea 6-5 in a shootout

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  • Won 150 Years Old Football Tournament After 16 Years, Beat Chelsea 6 5 In A Shootout

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Liverpool had a day on Sunday at Wembley Stadium filled with 90 thousand spectators. This English club has won the title of the oldest tournament in football. He has won the 150-year-old tournament title after 2006. With this win, Liverpool have also avenged their loss to Chelsea in the 2011–12 season ten years ago. Liverpool won the match 6-5, which lasted more than an hour and a half. He defeated Chelsea in a penalty shootout. Chelsea have lost the final for the third consecutive season. They have become the first club to be satisfied with the Runners Trophy for three consecutive seasons. Chelsea have lost eight titles so far. This tournament has the status of the oldest tournament in football.

– Liverpool have won the eighth title, entered the final for the 15th time
Liverpool’s team, adorned with star footballer, has won the FA Cup title for the eighth time. He was the champion in 1964-65, 1973-74, 1985-86, 1988-89, 1991-92, 2000-01, 2005-06. Whereas seven times he had to be satisfied with the runners up trophy. The team was playing the final match of this prestigious tournament for the 15th time.
– The match was drawn till extra time, result in penalty shootout
In this thrilling match, both the teams got opportunities for an early lead. For the first 20 minutes, Liverpool’s players were in the hustle and bustle. After that, Chelsea looked for some good scoring opportunities before half-time but were thwarted by Liverpool’s defenders and goalkeepers. After half time, Liverpool followed the strategy of attack and made three attacks one after the other. But, the goal post was kind to Chelsea. Two times the ball hit the post and came back and missed the target by a small margin. Seeing the aggressiveness of both the teams, it seemed that the winning goal would come before the stipulated time. But, this did not happen and the score line remained the same at full time. Which was at the time of start wheel. In such a situation, both the teams were given 30 minutes extra time. But, no goal came in this also. In such a situation, a penalty shootout was used to decide the winner. The score was level on the first penalty of five attempts. Both teams scored on four out of five occasions. In such a situation, the penalty continued and both the teams got five more chances each. In the end, the wink of victory tied the head of Liverpool.

Goalkeeper Alisson Behr and defender Simikaso Heroes of victory:
Goalkeeper Alison Baker and defender Costas Simicaso emerged as heroes in the final of the FA Cup. Liverpool beat Chelsea 6-5 in a penalty shootout to win the title.
Liverpool keep their hopes of winning all four major trophies of a season alive:
Liverpool have kept their historic hope of winning all four major trophies in one season. He has to play the final match of the Champions Trophy on 28 November.
Chelsea Team Stats Liverpool
10 shoots 17
2 shoot on target 5
47% Ball Position 53%
553 pass 613
1 yellow card 0

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