Living in a damaged planet

Then a darkness spread around:

I saw nought; I heard no sound:

Solid darkness overhead,

With a trembling cautious tread

Passed I o’er the unseen ground.~ Cristina Rosetti

Few nights I sleep profoundly but don’t find any good reason for waking up in the morning. Instead of the morning sun streaming in through the open windows and sparkling on my bookshelf it feels mostly spooky dead-quiet stillness in the morning haze and everywhere it’s smokey and smoke creeping in through the crevices in the ill-fitted window frame.

No coffee, no tea I feel like I deserve to sleep as long as it takes for the smoke to lift and a little bit of sunlight is visible.

Our air pollution woes are increasing with time. The grief of a busy city is tasting and breathing poisonous gas that covers the sky not letting sunlight nourish the earth. The emission from vehicles, crop burning in the neighboring state contribute to environmental pollution. We need clean air to save our lungs and keep us healthy and make our lives less stressful. Breathlessness, coughing, sneezing, tightness in the chest, allergy, I suppose not just me but most citizens get that. Global warming and the greenhouse effect are making the planet hotter and bringing in dangerous climate change.

In the rarities of my daily struggle, I felt cheerful and my spirit rose bright, optimistic, as shining brilliantly as the cheerful sun was came streaming through the window. I feel no motivation for living on a damaged planet. 

Everywhere there is trash, the minds of the inhabitants are full of garbage, and soon we will be wiped out like the dinosaurs and new species will evolve. The inhabitants of the planet living in society have turned greedy and heartless.

I read news from the darker territory, willingly about certain spine- chilling facts. The society out there is performing crime with insanity and decision with no notion of justice. It is a hilarious cocktail of insanity and lust.

Extremely small particles of plastic were found in the placenta of the babies and their mothers although both were healthy. Plastic pollution problems for wildlife and their domains as well as for human populations.

Once at sea, sunlight, wind, and wave energy of the movement break down plastic waste into small particles, often less than one-fifth of an inch across. These so-called microplastics are spread throughout the water column and have been found in every corner of the globe.

Microplastics are breaking down further into smaller and smaller pieces. Plastic microfibers, meanwhile, have been found in municipal drinking water systems and drifting through the air.

Millions of animals are killed by plastics every year, from birds to fish to other marine organisms. Almost every species of seabird eats plastics.

Plastics from petroleum can be molded, cast spun, or applied as a coating. Since synthetic plastics are largely nonbiodegradable, they tend to persist in natural environments. Gross production of polymers, synthetic fibers, and additives of primary plastics are mostly discarded. After they end their usefulness to the consumer they are dropped on the ground, thrown out of a car window, heaped onto an already full rubbish bin, or inadvertently carried off by a gust of wind, they promptly begin to pollute the environment.

Most of the deaths of animals are caused by entanglement or starvation. Seals, whales, turtles, and other animals are strangled by abandoned fishing gear or discarded six-pack rings. Microplastics have been found in more than aquatic species, including fish, shrimp, and mussels and the toxic stuff for business landed on our dinner plates. In many cases, these tiny bits pass through the digestive system and are expelled without any effect. But plastics have also been found to have blocked digestive tracts or pierced organs, causing death. Stomachs are so packed with plastics that they reduce the urge to eat, causing starvation.

Plastics have been consumed by land-based animals, in some cases causing death.

We can change the world tomorrow

This could be a better place

If you don’t like what I’m sayin’

Then won’t you slap my face.~ Michael Jackson.

Plastic bags swaying as the strong breeze carries them through the smog the jetsam, the junk floating, the dirty beaches, 

Humans are pure evil living fouling up the creation and life itself. Now we will be ruled by malign cyborgs and that’s our fate. If we want to change the world we need knowledge and a joint effort.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.



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