Lok Adalat in Guntur on December 12

The Lok Adalat would be held on December 12 on the District Court premises, said Justice K. Ratna Kumar, secretary of the District Legal Services Authority.

The Lok Adalat is being held after a gap of nine months due to the lockdown. The last time that the Lok Adalat was held in February 8, 2020.

There are at least 1,500-2,000 cases which could be disposed of in the Lok Adalat. In the last Lok Adalat held in February, 976 cases were disposed of and compensation of ₹11.68 lakh was paid, Justice Ratna Kumar said.

Justice Ratna Kumar called upon people to make use of the Lok Adalat and find a solution to issues relating to criminal cases, civic cases, accident cases, N.I. Act cases, bank cases and pre-litigation cases.


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