‘Look into role of woman in honey-trapping case’

Following an alleged case of a woman honey trapping a man, which came to the fore after the latter approached the Delhi High Court for protection, the court has asked the Delhi Police Commissioner to look into the role the woman’s involvement in similar cases, if any.

A month ago, the woman had lodged a complaint alleging rape by the man following which the latter has sought bail from the court. The man, in his plea, said the woman had contacted him on WhatsApp, seeking job of a “personal assistant”. When he answered the question in the affirmative, instead of sending pictures in professional attire, she sent him objectionable pictures”. The man said all the pictures were sent by the woman within three minutes of their conversation.

On the same day, they had a telephonic conversation in which she allegedly invited him to her flat in Saket. After he went to her place, she allegedly asked him to get “some wine”.

“Soon all the inhibitions were shed and hitherto normal text messages got mixed with flirtatious…and all the advances by the petitioner [man] in said direction were overly welcomed by the complainant [woman] and there was not an iota of any demur and/ or any protest,” the man’s plea said. The man alleged that the woman called him at her home and when her demand for ₹5,00,000 was not met, she registered a false case of rape against him.

Claims of prosecution

On the other hand, the case of the prosecution states that the woman had texted him for a job to which he had sent “offensive” replies. She had said they could discuss the issue. The woman claimed that the man asked her for a relationship to which she replied that “she did not feel comfortable with anyone in the first meeting”. The prosecution said the man called her and asked if he could buy her wine. “She replied in the affirmative and sent him her location. At her place, they normally spoke about their professions. Following this, the petitioner gave her two drinks and raped her,” the prosecution said.

The prosecution added that the man had no business to attend her call and visit a stranger’s place. It called for the dismissal of the bail plea moved by the man in pursuant to the FIR registered against him by the woman. “I have gone through the pictures and chats, which are annexed with the present petition and seems to be the allurement on the part of the complainant and petitioner got trapped,” Justice Suresh Kumar Kait said.

However, without commenting on the merits of the prosecution case, the court said the man deserves protection.

Personal bond of ₹25K

It said in the event of arrest, the man shall be released on furnishing a personal bond of ₹25,000. “Though acceptance allurement is not justified but at the same time, allurement advanced for extortion of money is also not acceptable,” Justice Kait remarked. It asked the top officer to take action if needed. “In addition to above, the Commissioner shall call reports from all the police stations of such cases as the present one and file a report to this effect within four weeks from today,” the court said.


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