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Low stamina? Practice these yoga asanas to increase flexibility

Low stamina? Practice these yoga asanas to increase flexibility

Image Source : FREEPIK Practice these yoga asanas to increase flexibility.

These days most people are falling prey to lifestyle-related diseases. In such a situation, doctors and health experts are also advising daily yoga and exercise along with a better diet to stay fit. Therefore, to improve health, people are now taking time out of their busy schedules and doing yoga and exercise. Due to low stamina, people get tired very quickly while exercising, due to which their body is not flexible. Today we will tell you about those yogasanas which will increase both stamina and flexibility of the body.

These yogas are best for flexibility

Bhujangasana: Bhujangasana is considered to be a yoga asana that improves liver, kidney and digestion. Doing this makes the body flexible. It strengthens your bones and stretches the muscles. Also, doing this asana relieves stress and fatigue.ย 

Dhanurasana: Dhanurasana tones the back and makes the spine flexible. It also relieves back pain by reducing neck tension. Doing Dhanurasana also reduces tension in the leg muscles.ย 

Sarvangasana: Sarvangasana strengthens blood circulation and the digestion process. By doing this yoga, the body becomes flexible easily and it also helps in maintaining the balance of the body.

Balasana: Balasana is a yoga that is done in a single posture. It is a form of meditation posture. Doing this stretches the spine and improves flexibility. You can do this yoga for at least 3 minutes.ย ย 

These yogas are the best for staminaย 

Gomukhasana: Doing Gomukhasana stretches the abdominal muscles, which improves digestion. Practicing this asana improves stamina.ย 

Ushtrasana: Ushtrasana increases stamina and flexibility in the body. It also provides relief from fatigue. This yoga improves eyesight. It also provides relief from back pain.

Dhanurasana: Doing Dhanurasana improves blood circulation and also boosts the immune system. Dhanurasana not only relieves you from all back problems but also improves your stamina.ย 

Also, to increase stamina, increase the amount of protein in your diet, drink 4 to 5 litres of water throughout the day and avoid fast food

When to do yoga asanasย 

Although doing yogasana in the morning is more beneficial if you do not have time in the morning then you can do yoga in the evening also.ย 

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