Lowest concentration of particulate matter

Particulate matter 2.5, which is harmful to human health, was less this year when compared to last year’s levels. The PM2.5 was 20 micrograms, 26 micrograms and 30 micrograms during the festival at Kuvempunagar last year.

This year, the levels stood at 10 mg, 18 mg and 12 mg on the first, second and third day of the festival respectively. At K.R. Circle, the PM2.5 was 28 mg, 38 mg and 48 mg on the festival days last year. This year, it was 20 mg, 22 mg and 16 mg. At KSPCB office, it was 25 mg, 26 mg and 22 mg last year and 14.3 mg, 15 mg and 7.6 mg this year.

Same in the case of particulate matter 10. The PM10 was 42 mg, 52 mg and 64 mg on the festival days last year at Kuvempunagar. At the same site this year, the readings were 45 mg, 49 mg and 36 mg respectively. In the case of K.R. Circle, the PM10 was 54 mg, 63 mg and 68 mg during the three days of the festival last year. This year, it was 48 mg, 56 mg and 50 mg.

The concentration of particulate matter was the lowest this year when compared to the festival days in last two years.


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