Lpg Gas Cylinder Price Lucknow Update; Women On All LPG Scheme for Subsidy | LPG prices ruined kitchen budget, housewives said – government will interfere or subsidy will end

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Lucknow10 minutes ago

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The government subsidizes 12 cylinders of 14.2 kg for each gas connection in a year.

  • Domestic gas cylinder prices increased by Rs 50, increase by Rs 175 since November

In the midst of the Corona epidemic, the continuous increase in the prices of domestic gas cylinders is deteriorating the budget of the people. This has led to increasing resentment of women towards the central government. Housewives say that gas cylinders were once subsidized by Rs 335. But now it is just 35.17 rupees and if the prices increase in the same way, then they will go on going 35. After a price increase of Rs 50, customers are now paying Rs 807 in exchange for a cylinder. Cylinder prices have increased by Rs 175 since November 2020.

Actually, petroleum companies have increased the price of LPG cylinder by Rs 50 directly. It has been implemented from 12 pm on Sunday night. Now in Uttar Pradesh, the price of 14.2 kg domestic gas cylinder has been increased to Rs 807. Gas cylinder prices have been raised for the second time in February. Earlier, on February 4, the non-subsidized cylinder became expensive by Rs 25, that is, the price of domestic gas has been increased by Rs 75 in February itself.

This is how subsidy on cylinder purchase

Month Money
April 2020 -197
May 2020 no changes
June 2020 -34.17
July 2020 -35.17
August 2020 -35.17
September 2020 -35.17
October 2020 -35.17
November 2020 -35.17
December 2020 -35.17
January 2021 -35.17

Women in Lucknow said – if this is the case, soon you will get a cylinder for 1000 rupees

  • Meena Gautam, who lives in Kalpatarup apartment of Gomti Nagar expansion plan, says that the government needs to control the prices of petrol, diesel and LPG. If the price rise is the same then there is a fear that the cylinder will reach 1000 rupees.
  • Pooja Varma, a resident of Gomtinagar Nehru Enclave, says that the income of the common man has reduced during the Corona period. Those who were working in private institutions also lost their jobs. In such a situation, the budget has deteriorated due to continuous increase in the prices of cylinders.
  • Pammi, a resident of Telibagh, says that gas cylinders are directly related to the general public. Therefore, the government should intervene.
  • Mamta Tiwari says that in one year, the government has reduced the subsidy amount to just 35. The way prices are increasing and prices are being determined by petroleum companies, it seems that the subsidy is going to end.

Government gives subsidy on 12 gas cylinders
The government subsidizes 12 cylinders of 14.2 kg for each gas connection in a year. The customer has to pay the price including subsidy on every cylinder. Later the subsidy money is returned to the account. If customers want to take more cylinders than this, then they have to buy at the market price.


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