Lucknow Air Pollutuon Latest News Updates: AQI Level At Dangerous Mark In Lucknow Uttar Pradesh | Lucknow began to deteriorate. AQI level 249, 9 construction units including Setu Nigam-Kisan Path

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This photo is from Kaiserbagh area in Lucknow. Here, the dust blowing on the road is becoming a major cause of air pollution.

  • Government departments are the most involved, road dust is also the major cause of air pollution
  • State pollution control board and district administration started action

The air of the capital Lucknow is becoming poisonous. Lucknow’s AQI level (Air Quality Index) rose to 249 on Saturday. Sensing this danger, the State Pollution Control Board and the district administration have started taking precautions. This is the reason that within two days, notice has been issued to 9 large construction units including Kisan Path, Setu Nigam. At the same time, the district administration has prepared a strategy to keep the air pure after meeting with 6 departments including the municipal corporation.

Actually, the AQI level of Rajdhani was fine for the last one week. On Saturday, the AQI came down to a poor level due to the increase in the amount of PM 2.5 in the air. Environmental experts consider the main reason for the smoke from the vehicles and the dust from the dusty roads. Three industries in Talkatora Industrial Area have been issued show cause notices for pollution.

Government department leads in spreading pollution

Setu Nigam is not taking care of the standards of air pollution at the over bridge and zigzag bridge over bridge site being constructed from Shaheed Path to the airport. The same is happening in the construction of Kisan Path. The Pollution Control Board has investigated dust and other particles in the city’s major roads. Investigation has revealed that 78 percent of PM 10 and 66 percent of PM 2.5 are due to road dust in the city’s air pollution. On some roads up to 100 kg of dust has been found in an area of ​​one km.

PM 2.5 is disturbing air health

According to the CPCB report, micro-particle PM2.5 is responsible for polluting the capital’s air. JPS Rathore, chairman of the Pollution Control Board, says all construction units emitting dust have been given strict warnings. Institutions will be dealt with for violating the standards.


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