Lucknow – KGMU gets CPM – North India’s first Center for Personalized Medicine to be built in Medical University | North India’s first Advanced Center for Personalized Medicine will be built in Medical University, serious diseases will be easily treated

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Dr. AK Tripathi and International Consultant Dr. Dhavendra Kumar with VC Dr. Bipin Puri at the launch of KGMU’s Center for Precision Medicine Center

The Center for Procedure Medicine started at KGMU i.e. King George Medical University on Friday. This center is the first center in North India focused on Personalized Medicine. At this center, after identifying serious diseases, the facility of effective and accurate treatment of patients will be available under the supervision of experts.

The focus will be on personalized medicine

Dr. AK Tripathi, Chairman, Center for Advanced Research and Hematology Department of KGMU said that with the formation of Center for Precision Medicine and Personalized Medicine, the focus will be on quality medicine. He said that the structure of the genes of all human beings is different. Changes happen at the molecular level. The disease and its effect are also different. Many drugs are beneficial for some patients, while those drugs prove to be ineffective on other people. He said that Personalized Medicine covers many aspects of an individual patient in a comprehensive manner. In which age, sex, genetic characteristics are included. It also covers the mental, social and psychological aspects of quality of life.

Milestone for KGMU to set up the center

KGMU Vice Chancellor Dr. Bipin Puri said that precision and personalized medicine is emerging as a revolutionary step in the scientific community and health care system. The establishment of this center will prove to be a milestone in the medical university. Patients will get the benefit of research and study by using them properly. A separate building will be built for this center.

Precise treatment possible with Advance Care

Dr. Dhavendra Kumar, Professor at Queen Mary University of London and International Senior Adviser to the Center for Precision Medicine, said that the study of the genome has made rapid progress in the identification of symptoms of cancer. This has helped in the accurate treatment of cancer. He said that target therapy directly attacks the disease. cause less damage to other organs. Drugs can be well selected by examining mutation genes.

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