Lucknow Metro Kite Flying Latest News And Updates: UPLMRCL Apealed To Citizens Over Kite Flying Around The Route In Lucknow Uttar Pradesh | Lucknow Metro appealed to citizens not to fly kites around the route; Where to make the seller aware

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This photo is from Lucknow. Since 2017, more than 12 times due to Chinese mange, there was a technical flaw in over head electrification. Due to this, the passengers of the Lucknow Metro also suffered damage.

  • Lucknow Metro wheels have stopped more than 12 times since September 2017

Kite flying has suddenly increased in the capital Lucknow these days. In such a situation, the concern of the officers of Lucknow Metro has also increased. Due to technical flaws in OHI (over head electrification) due to Chinese manjha and wire, more than 12 times since September 2017, the metro wheels have stopped. In such a situation, the metro management has appealed to the people of the city not to do kite flying in the metro area. Doing so can prove fatal for the kite-taker.

This is a symbolic photo.  After Diwali in Lucknow, there is a sudden increase in kite flying.

This is a symbolic photo. After Diwali in Lucknow, there is a sudden increase in kite flying.

Officers worried about kite flying on the day of Govardhan Puja
In fact, on the occasion of Govardhan Puja on the next day of Diwali, massive kite flying was seen around the metro area. According to the Lucknow Metro management, the metro runs with the help of 25000 volts fluent over head electrification, if a kite door comes in contact with it, that person can get damaged. Due to Chinese mange, many times tripping took place in OHI line. Apart from this, during the lock-down, two policemen have hit me.

Government law cited

The Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation has also cited the Central Government Act. Said that the Central Government has banned the use of Chinese manjh. Its use is outright illegal. Apart from this, appeals have also been made to kite sellers to make kite buyers aware that they do not fly kites around the metro area.


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