Lucknow – On Tuesday, 15 suspected patients were found stirred up, 55-year-old patient suffering from fever for 4 days died. On Tuesday, there was a stir after getting 15 suspected patients, 55-year-old patient suffering from fever for 4 days died

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Lucknow is also witnessing an increase in the number of dengue patients. After the dengue card test report of 15 patients came positive on Tuesday, samples of all have also been sent for ELISA test – symbolic picture

The havoc of dengue is not limited to the districts of western Uttar Pradesh only, this epidemic has spread in Lucknow also. On Tuesday, 15 suspected dengue patients were found. A large number of patients suffering from fever are reaching the hospitals. The administration and health department are making claims to keep all the arrangements in place, but at present the figures are not stopping. On Tuesday, a 55-year-old patient, who was suffering from high fever for four days, died in Balrampur Hospital. However, dengue was confirmed in the deceased. It hasn’t happened yet.

15 suspected dengue patients found on Tuesday

According to CMO Lucknow Dr. Manoj Aggarwal, 15 patients have been card tested on Tuesday. One of these patients is a resident of a non-district. Who is admitted to the hospital and is treating himself. While others are getting treatment at home. The CMO says that all the patients have come positive in the card test. Now their sample is being sent for ELISA test. Six patients have been found positive in the OPD of Lokbandhu Hospital. They are getting treatment at home. At the same time, four new patients have been found in the OPD of Balrampur Hospital. While another patient, a resident of Kanpur, is admitted in the dengue ward of the hospital. No new patient was admitted in the dengue ward in the civil hospital on Tuesday. 35 patients who came to the OPD were examined. In this, the card test of five patients has come positive. Samples of all the patients have been sent to the State Lab for ELISA.

55 year old admitted in Balrampur died

The middle-aged, who lived near Kaiserbagh Sabzi Mandi, died of fever on Tuesday afternoon. The relatives had admitted him to the hospital. The patient died a few hours after the treatment started. The relatives say that first treatment from private clinics. It was running but to no avail.

According to the information, 55-year-old Harsh Sonkar, a resident of Kaiserbagh Sabzi Mandi Nazariabad Road, was suffering from high fever for the last four days. Son Rohit told that he got medicine from the nearest clinic two days ago but to no avail. Diarrhea started coming along with fever. The emergency of Balrampur Hospital reached Balrampur Hospital by personal means when the condition suddenly deteriorated on Tuesday morning. There, the doctor, seeing the patient’s condition serious, was admitted in a hurry. The patient was shifted to the emergency ward. The patient died at around three in the afternoon.

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