Lucknow Police Latest News Updates: Viral Video of UP Police Constable Jump to Catch Bike Rider Thief in Lucknow | Two soldiers leap to catch the bike thief; Dropped on the ground and held until fellow policemen arrived

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In the capital Lucknow, two soldiers caught the bike thief, not caring about their lives. CCTV of this event went viral.

  • Case of Indira Nagar locality of Ghazipur police station area
  • Commissioner Sujit Pandey announced the award

Two soldiers posted in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, caught a bike thief without caring for their lives. In fact, in Sector-19 of Indira Nagar, the soldiers caught a bike thief and then started running away. The soldiers leap to catch the thief. This caused the bike to fall and the soldier dragged on the road for about 100 meters. The CCTV of the events has come to the fore, people are reading the details of their jambaji. Commissioner Sujit Pandey has also announced to reward both soldiers.

4 four day old event
This entire incident is on the night of 19 October. The constables Anurag Pandey and Nitesh Saroj posted at the police station Ghazipur were riding on Paligon bike number 101 in Indira Nagar Sector-19. They saw a suspicious young man in a street. But ignoring him, the two soldiers moved forward. As soon as the suspected young man came on the road stealing the bike, the soldiers came on the spot and stole his bike and blocked his path.

The soldier Nitesh Saroj was trying to stop the thief getting off the bike, then he tried to run away. But the soldier Anurag Pandey jumped on him. But he turned the whole axle, yet Anurag did not leave him without worrying. Nitesh Saroj was also trying his best to stop him. For 100 meters, the thief dragged the soldiers Anurag and Nitesh. But the soldiers dropped the bike and managed to stop it. But the thief was so vicious that even then he was walking hand and foot. But the soldiers nabbed him on the road.

Soldiers also suffered injuries to their arms and legs
The thief had a sharp cutter in his hand, causing minor injuries to Anurag and Nitesh. But as soon as he caught the thief, he informed the nearest police station and kept the thief. After the backup, he handed over the thief to the police personnel of the police station. Soldiers Anurag and Nitesh also suffered injuries to their arms and legs due to rubbing and jumping of the bike.


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