Lucknow Robbery / Crime Update; Postal Department Retired Employee Robbed Hostage | Two youths were beaten up for protesting against looting, robbing a retired employee of the postal department as a delivery boy

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Lucknow22 minutes ago

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This photo is from Lucknow. After seeing the robbery in the house, the victim sees the things scattered.

  • Case of Indira Nagar of Ghazipur police station area
  • Police identified the accused

Two youths who came as a delivery boy in the capital, looted the house of a retired employee of the postal department. The miscreants took the elderly hostage under the pretext of receiving the parcel. They beat him up for protesting. After this, jewelery worth lakhs and rupees 10 thousand cash was absconded. The police arrived at the information of the elderly victim. It is believed that the miscreants had first raked the house. The elderly was alone at home during the incident.

Employee was forced to go inside the house to get a pen
Srichand Chaubey, who lived in Sector-19 of Indiranagar in Ghazipur police station area, was alone at home on Monday night. Meanwhile, two youths reached there and knocked on the door. On Srichand’s exit, the youths said that they had brought a parcel from the postal department. Srichand heard this and came out of the room. Then a miscreant asked to receive the parcel while holding the paper. When Srichand asked for a pen, the youth said that he did not have a pen. You only take Srichand went inside the room to get the pen. Following them, a crook also entered the house.

At the same time, the second miscreant closed the gate and he too reached out to Srichand. After this both of them took Srichand as hostage. They beat him up on the protest and threatened to kill him for making noise. After this, Srichand was taken hostage by the miscreants and then started searching the house.

Five rings and gold chains robbed
The victim says that the miscreants looted five gold rings, a chain, three mobile phones, a silver bunch and Rs 10,000. After the miscreants left, the victim somehow freed himself and informed the people around the incident. After this, the police of Ghazipur police station was informed.

Miscreants carried out the incident by doing reiki

DCP Northern reported that two boys came to a retired employee’s house as delivery boys and looted jewelry and cash. A lawsuit has been filed. It is believed that the miscreants have committed the incident by doing Reiki.


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