Lucknow University Latest Updates. Record Foreign Students Apply For Admission In 2021 In Lucknow University Uttar Pradesh | Lucknow University emerged as the best educational institute for foreign students, this year recorded admission applications

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This year, application forms of 371 foreign students have come for admission in Lucknow University.

The Lucknow University of the capital of Uttar Pradesh is very much liked by the foreign students. Students from Afghanistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka to Russia and African and European countries are also reaching here to study. This year there has been a significant increase in the number of foreign admissions as compared to the previous years. Last year, where the total admissions were around 100, this year 371 admission forms have come. This number is expected to increase further. This is the record application so far. Never before had the admission forms of foreign students come here for admission on such a large scale.

students coming from these countries

University’s International Students Advisor Prof. According to RP Singh, the trend of foreign students is towards Lucknow University. Last year around 100 students took admission online. This time the number of applications has reached 371. There is now an opportunity to apply online till June 30. Most of the contenders are from South Asian countries. Foreign students have shown interest in studying Indian culture, literature, music as well as courses like English and Management by staying at Lucknow University. Apart from Afghanistan, there is a large number of students coming to India from countries like Indonesia, Tajikistan, Russia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Namibia. Now after the screening of the applications received, information will be sent to the embassy of the country concerned, so that the process of admission can be completed.

Management course is most in demand

There is a huge demand among foreign students coming to Lucknow University for admission in courses like MBA. It also has a large number of students coming from African countries. Apart from this, some changes were also seen in the trend in the past. Now students are also reaching LU to learn Hindi and Sanskrit. For the first time in the last session, a student from Italy had enrolled here for research in Hindi. Similarly, an application was received from a Mauritius student for PhD in Hindi.

How many foreign students took admission in 5 years

In the year 2016, only 8 foreign students had taken admission in Lucknow University.

The number of people enrolled in the year 2018 reached 33.

In the year 2019, 52 foreign students applied for admission in Lucknow University.

In the year 2020, the number of people applying for admission reached 135, the number of admissions remained within 200.

The number of applications for admission in the year 2021 has so far reached 371.

Unmatched facilities for foreign students

While the trend of foreign students is increasing in Lucknow University, the university administration is also busy in preparations to welcome them. In order to provide better facilities to the students, arrangements are being made in the hostels by the university. Earlier, the accommodation of these students was made in Balrampur International Hostel, but now the Acharya Narendra Dev Hostel is being fully prepared for foreign students. One block of the hostel is designed and furnished with a model look. Here students will also get all other facilities from deep freezer.

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