Lucknow’s groom was called on the pretext of marriage, then ran away with money and jewelry. Lucknow’s groom was called on a bluff, then ran away with money and jewelry

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A new act of a ‘robber bride’ has come to the fore in Gorakhpur. She cheated the groom who had come from Lucknow to marry her in a temple in Gorakhpur and ran away with jewelry. But, the bridegroom and his family members caught hold of the bride and handed her over to the Cantt police. The police registered a case against the accused bride for forgery to grab money and arrested her.

The bride liked seeing the photo on mobile
Actually, Shiva Verma, a resident of Bharat Nagar, located in Madianv area of ​​Lucknow, works in a private company. On getting acquainted with the young man from Gorakhpur, he introduced Shiva Verma to his relative. Who sent a photo of a girl through WhatsApp on Shiva’s mobile phone assuring her to get married.

The marriage was fixed by telling poor
On asking, he told that Meena Nishad, a resident of Khutahan village of Gulriha, is very poor. His parents do not have money to marry him. One lakh rupees will be spent in marriage. On liking the photo, Shiva agreed to the marriage and came to Gorakhpur to meet the girl.

Dulhal ran away sitting in the bus
It is alleged that he gave 80 thousand rupees to the girl to prepare for the marriage. The marriage was to take place in the temple on Tuesday. Shiva told the Cantt police station that when he reached Gorakhpur with his father, Meena was found alone at the bus station. On asking, he told that the parents are preparing for the wedding at the village temple.

When asked to go there, she started asking for jewelery and Rs 20,000. On refusal, after getting married in a temple near the station, she boarded a bus to go to Lucknow. After some time, Meena started running after taking out the ornaments kept in the bag. After this Shiva along with his family caught the bride and took her to the police station.

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