Made the public aware by telling the control measures of rat and mole in the seminar | Made the public aware by telling the control measures of rat and mole in the seminar

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In the seminar, the public was made aware by telling the control measures of rat and mole.

For the prevention of communicable diseases, Krishak Gosthi was organized on Monday, in-charge Agriculture Defense Unit Mirganj Shyamveer Singh said that as per the instructions of the government, special communicable disease control campaign is being run in the district till April 30.

Under this, a seminar has been organized in the development block Mirganj. He said that there is a need for in-charge control of rat and mole, among other reasons, in the prevention of communicable diseases.

The important role of mouse and rodent in spreading communicable diseases

Vector Borne Diseases JE. And in the communication of AES, the mouse and mole have an important role. Therefore, by controlling the rat and mole, the spread of communicable disease can be easily prevented. While making people aware, he advised that in order to control the rat and mole, the granary should be pakka and in Bakhari. So that food items are not easily available to them.

By killing the rats using a mousetrap, their number can be controlled completely. Prepare fodder by mixing 1 gram of rat killer chemical zinc phosphide with 48 grams of roasted gram and 1 gram of mustard oil and keep this bait around the bill of rats. Putting 3 to 4 grams of aluminum phosphide drug per live bill, closing the bill with wet soil kills the rat completely due to the phosphine gas released from the drug. Instead of throwing the dead rats in the open, collect them and dig them in the ground and bury them.

This can save the farmers from loss to some extent. At the end of the seminar, Shyamveer, the in-charge Agriculture Defense Unit, expressed his gratitude to the farmers and said that if they take advantage of these things, then agriculture will be good.

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