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Madhubala's Death Anniversary: Lesser-known Facts About The Mughal-E-Azam Actress – News18

Madhubala was married to Kishore Kumar.

At the age of nine, Madhubala made her feature debut as a child artist in the 1942 picture Basant.

When any conversation in the Indian film industry, particularly Hindi cinema, turns to the quintessential image of beauty, one name immediately comes to mind and has done so for many years. Regarded as the most stunning actress to have appeared on an Indian screen, Madhubala remains the epitome of perfection, even decades after her death.

Madhubala starred in nearly 70 Hindi films during her 22-year career. The actress passed away on February 23, 1969, at the age of 36. On the occasion of her death anniversary, here is a tribute to her by disclosing to you some unknown facts about her.

Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehalvi, who later adopted the stage name Madhubala, was born in an impoverished Pashtun family Her parents were Ataullah Khan and Aayesha Begum. Life presented the family with numerous challenges. At five and six years old, Madhubala lost her three sisters and her two brothers. Sadly, only four of the siblings lived to maturity. Because the family had gone to a nearby theatre to catch a movie, they were able to escape a dock explosion that destroyed their home.

Madhubala never attended school and was home-schooled by her father who taught her Hindi and Urdu. After losing his job at the Imperial Tobacco Company in Peshawar, Pakistan, Madhubala’s father moved the family to Delhi and later Bombay. At the tender age of nine, she made her feature debut as a child artist in the 1942 picture Basant. The name Baby Mumtaz was given to her. Later, the movie became that year’s highest-grosser. She immediately gained popularity and worked as a child artist on various films including Rajputani, Phoolwari, Pujari and Dhanna Bhagat.

It is said that during a visit to a Kashmiri astrologer with her father, the astrologer had predicted that she would make a lot of money but never find true love. She was in a brief relationship with actor Prem Nath but religious differences caused them to part ways. She fell in love with her Mughal-E-Azam co-star Dilip Kumar, a much-publicised relationship in those times. They even got engaged but Dilip Kumar forbade her from keeping ties with her family after marriage which she declined. They split, but it left Madhubala heartbroken. She later married legendary singer and actor Kishore Kumar.

Madhubala became reclusive in her last few days and passed away at the early age of 36 from heart-related ailments.

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