Madrasa teacher made illlicit relationship with a minor girl of her daughter’s age, Panchayat announced the decision to marry | 50 year old madrasa teacher had illicit relationship with 10th student; When there was a complaint, the panchayat gave the order of marriage.

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Inspector Pipraich said that action will be taken against the accused if the minor is married. (symbolic photo)

A surprising case has come to light in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Here the Panchayat of a village in Pipraich area has given a strange decree. Instead of taking legal action against the teacher for having an illegal relationship with a class 10th student, the village panch decided to get both of them married. Now the discussions have started in the entire district. Social organizations have demanded action against the accused teacher in this case. Inspector Pipraich Suryabhan Singh said that at present the matter has not come to the police. If anyone comes to the police with a complaint, action will be taken. Police will also take action against those who marry a minor.

Student used to study in madrasa, teacher sitting with heart
It is alleged that the teacher made a minor girl of his daughter’s age under his influence, who had come to study in the madrasa. Then he started having illicit relations with the girl student. He had been having a relationship with the girl student for two consecutive years. When the family members of the girl came to know about this, they reached the accused teacher. The matter came to the Panchayat and the Panchs ordered for the marriage of both.

It is a crime to marry a minor
Social organizations say that issuing a decree for the marriage of a minor is also a crime. Police should take action against such people. On the other hand, the teacher’s father, seeing the possibility of partition in the property, lodged an objection to the marriage. Said that if teachers do half the property in the name of their first wife’s children, only then they will be allowed to marry again.

The teacher was having a relationship for two years
Madrasa is situated in a village of Pipraich. In a madrasa, a 50 year old man from the village itself is a teacher. It is alleged that the teacher, who is already married and father of two children, trapped the 10th class girl student of the village in her trap. He had been having an illicit relationship with her for two years. Its discussion spread in the whole village and the people of the village could not live, so a panchayat was called on Thursday in this matter.

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