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Maggi Biryani To Egg Pani Puri: This Week's Most Bizarre Culinary Creations – News18

Last Updated: February 25, 2024, 13:00 IST

Check out this week’s lineup of culinary oddities. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Some foods offer a delightful departure from the norm, while others are more “ew” than “yum”.

For foodies, exploring local cuisine is part of the adventure while travelling. However, there’s a thin line between trying new delicacies and encountering downright bizarre foods. While some dishes offer a delightful departure from the ordinary, others may lean more towards “ew” than “yum.”

Let’s explore this week’s lineup of culinary oddities:

1) Maggi Biryani

When it comes to food experimentation, Maggi noodles seem to always be at the forefront. With the countless bizarre recipes they’ve been subjected to, we might owe them a public apology. This time, the torture comes in the form of Maggi Biryani. The recipe calls for chopping onions, frying them, cutting carrots, beans and more onions, along with some greens, and frying everything up. Then, adding spices, Maggi noodles, biryani masala, and some water, you end up with Maggi Biryani.

2) Burger Paan

It’s like a desi person living abroad who just can’t shake off their hometown habits. In this bizarre culinary experiment, paan leaves are subjected to some serious initial torture, including chocolate, dry fruits, burfi, syrups, and yes, burger mayonnaise. The final act of this madness? Placing this torture-infused paan in burger buns.

3) Gulab Jamun Parantha

We’re issuing a pre-apology for this culinary creation. The recipe involves placing gulab jamuns inside dough while making a roti, then preparing the roti as usual. To add to the indulgence, you pour chaashanee (sugar syrup) on top of the parantha before consuming it.

4) Egg Pani Puri

To concoct this bizarre dish, the vendor started with a generous pour of oil in a large pan. Then came the chopped tomatoes, onions, green chillies, and two whole egg yolks. After mashing everything into a gravy, he scooped it into a bowl. The next step? Filling gol gappas with this unique gravy, adding curd, and topping it all off with a sprinkle of sev. As per the Instagram post, these egg gol gappas are available near the Shell petrol pump, across from Safal Square in Vesu, Surat.

5) Chocolate Sugarcane Juice

The video kicks off with the shopkeeper feeding sugarcane chunks into the juice-making contraption. Next up, he grabs a cup, sprinkles in some chocolate powder, and fills it to the brim with freshly squeezed fruit juice. This concoction can be found at Sip Sip, a beverage haven nestled in Delhi’s Karol Bagh market area.

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