Mahima Chaudhary went through the sorrow of miscarriage twice: had an affair with Leander Paes, face got damaged in an accident, had surgery to remove 65 glasses

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Today is the birthday of Mahima Chaudhary, who debuted on the silver screen with showman Subhash Ghai’s film Pardes with Shahrukh Khan. When Pardes came to the theatre, Mahima’s smile earned her the title of national crush. After this, she was also appreciated in films like Daag. However, an accident kept him away from films for a few days.

Personal life was also surrounded by sorrows. Had to face the sorrow of divorce and miscarriage. Still did not give up, kept moving forward.

Read the stories of Mahima Chaudhary’s life on her birthday…

Real name Ritu Chaudhary, name changed on the request of Subhash Ghai
Mahima Chaudhary was born on 13 September 1973 in Darjeeling, West Bengal. Before coming into films, her name was Ritu Chaudhary. After coming into the industry, on the request of Subhash Ghai, she changed her name to Mahima Chaudhary. Subhash Ghai believed that actresses named M were lucky for their films.

Mahima was very good in sports initially. Her father thought that when she grows up, she would become a sportsperson or join the army, but nothing like this happened.

At the age of 16-17, Mahima started getting interested in films. She started dreaming of the film world. He has fallen in love with films so much that he thought of making a career in the film industry. When his father came to know about this, he became very angry. However, at this time Mahima was fully supported by her mother. Many reports claim that being angry with Mahima’s decision, her father did not talk to her for almost a year.

Mahima Chaudhary with father.

Mahima Chaudhary with father.

Worked with Aamir and Aishwarya in the first ad
To get into acting, Mahima took the help of modeling. The first ad he did was for Pepsi. In this ad, she was a model who was selected from Delhi and Aamir-Aishwarya were selected from Mumbai. This was one of the most famous ads of that time and the ad was shown in the middle of all the cricket matches of that time.

Mani Ratnam got angry when the film was rejected
Soon after this ad, he started getting offers for many films. Mani Ratnam also offered him a film. Mahima had given audition for this and she was also selected. But he later refused. She did not want to work in films immediately after this ad, she was very lacking in confidence at that time. Mani Ratnam became very angry with him due to this. He had said, if you did not want to work with us, then why did you waste so much of my time.

After this he worked for Channel V as a video jockey. She used to host this channel’s popular show Public Demand as a VJ. After some time, she stopped doing this work because she wanted to work as an actress and not as a VJ in her future life.

First betrayal in film industry
After leaving the work of VJ, Mahima was seen in a soap ad. After seeing her work in the ad, Subhash Ghai and Vidhu Vinod Chopra offered her the film. Vidhu had cast Bobby Deol opposite her. Mahima had also started taking training for this. He had also revealed this project in many interviews, but he was replaced even before the shooting started. Mahima was not even aware of this. He came to know about the replacement from media reports.

Made acting debut with film Pardes
Subhash Ghai remained true to his promise. He kept his promise to Mahima. Mahima got a call for audition for the film Pardes. She gave this audition and also got selected. After giving his first hit film, his second film Daag was released and it was also a hit.

Mahima Chaudhary with Subhash Ghai during the shooting of the film Pardesh.

Mahima Chaudhary with Subhash Ghai during the shooting of the film Pardesh.

Face got damaged in accident, 65 glasses were removed after surgery
After the success of the second film, Mahima got busy shooting for Ajay Devgan production’s film Dil Kya Kare with Prakash Jha. The story is of the last day of shooting. Mahima had left her hotel for the shooting location when a truck laden with milk tanker coming from the wrong direction hit her car. The impact was so strong that glass fragments hit his face at the speed of bullets.

He was admitted to the hospital immediately after the incident. Shortly after reaching the hospital, his mother and Ajay Devgan were the first to reach. He underwent surgery, in which 65 pieces of glass were removed from his face. The doctor had advised him not to look at his face in the mirror. Mahima was completely shattered by this accident. He started fearing that his career would be ruined because of this. However this did not happen.

Mahima had said in an interview to Bhaskar, after this accident, I took a long break from the film world, but I had completed that film. There was a slight decrease in my confidence after the accident, but I did not give up. After recovery, I did superhit films like Dhadkan, Baghban. After this I worked in films till my marriage and having a child.

Mahima had worked with Salman Khan in the film Baghban.

Mahima had worked with Salman Khan in the film Baghban.

Had an affair with tennis player Leander Paes
Mahima’s personal life was also full of struggles. It is believed that Mahima was in a relationship with famous tennis player Leander Paes. However, after some time both of them broke up. Leander started growing close to Indian model Rhea Pillai. Angered by this, Mahima broke up.

Had 2 miscarriages, divorced after 7 years
After ending this relationship, Mahima married businessman Bobby Mukherjee in 2006. A year after their marriage, she gave birth to Ariana Mukherjee in 2007. Later she also suffered miscarriage twice. Regarding this, she had said that she was not mentally happy, due to which she had a miscarriage.

After some time of marriage, things started deteriorating between Mahima and Bobby. Things got so bad that the couple separated and got divorced in 2013.

Daughter took care as mother during cancer
Mahima has also won the battle with cancer. He had told about this journey in an interview given to Bhaskar, I came to know about cancer when I got my regular yearly test done. I used to get this test done every year. At that time I felt something strange, then I told this to the doctor also, but he said that everything is fine, but still we will do a biopsy. Then the doctor did a biopsy, but it was not detected because my tumor was very small. The doctor said that it could turn into cancer in future, so let’s remove it now. After this I had surgery and during that surgery it was found out that I had cancer. Almost one in every seven women in the world gets breast cancer.

I’m not very brave, but I handled it, like everyone does. At first people cry and then they say it’s okay, it’s God’s will. The treatment for cancer is very dangerous. Its treatment is more dangerous than the disease. With the support of people, friends, family, who come to you at this time and tell you that there is no problem, everything will be fine. With the support of these people you overcome each day. The cancer treatment I had for 4 months was very dangerous. My little daughter at that time had grown up. During that time, my daughter took great care of me, like a mother does.

Mahima with her mother in one frame.

Mahima with her mother in one frame.

Anupam Kher supported a lot
Even when I was unwell, I used to work and do shows. During this time, I also met Anupam Kher ji at the airport. After 5 days, I got a call from Anupam ji that there is a film and you have to do it. I said that I have a treatment every 20 days, after which I become very weak. Even if I do this film, I will wear a wig for it. After this Anupam ji said- Why will you have to wear a wig? I told that I have cancer. Then he said that you must do the film and do it with a wig, but you have to do this film only. After this I did that film.

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