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2020 was a year of experiments. With a lot of time in hand, people went all out with their creativity. Make up lovers came up with some brilliant make up ideas that became a huge hit on social media in no time. Now that only a few days are left for this adventurous year to end, here is a list of make-up looks that was most talked about in 2020.

All kinds of glitter

Glitter was always a prominent choice when it comes to make up, but this year we saw different kinds of glitter. With masks becoming mandatory, eyes were the only canvas that people could experiment with, and glitter was used a lot. From glitter eyeliners to glitter brows, there was a lot of bling that we saw this year.

Graphic animal print

Animal prints were mostly worn in the form of an outfit or an accessory, but we saw it on eye lids. From zebra, leopard to tiger, all these patterns graced the eye lids of people.

Monochromatic make up

This basically means that make up that matches the colour of your outfit. From lipstick, blush, eyeshadow to mascara, all in the same colour is what monochromatic make up is all about. This make up was quite popular on the red-carpet last year. But with masks becoming mandatory, the las to lid monochromatic make up became trendy.

Pearls all over

This particular make up trend caught up pace during Halloween of this year. Pearls in hair, lids, face and lip was quite a look that a lot of people opted for. It was one of the Euphoric make-up looks that made rounds on social media this year.


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