Making a documentary on the wedding was not planned in advance – Richa: On one hand, the coming and going of guests was going on, on the other hand, the directors’ meeting was going on.

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The first glimpse of Richa Chadha and Ali Zafar’s documentary ‘RiAality’ was to be released today i.e. on 6th October. He said we are a little late. Actually the grading of the video is going on. At present the release date of the video has been postponed.

Richa said that the idea of ​​making a documentary was not her first. Everyone gets their wedding video shot. Earlier we were also going to do the same. He told that many things were different in this marriage. Because during that time Ali was shooting Mirzapur. I was shooting Heeramandi and Fukrey-3.

Along with the guests, the film director and the film team were also present in our house. It had become a very strange atmosphere. On one side, the guests are dancing and singing in the house. On the other hand, the director is taking a meeting.

Ali and I wanted to keep the marriage very simple and private- Richa

Richa said that Ali and I come from a middle class family. Of course, today we are film stars but both of us wanted to keep our marriage very simple and private. It was not our intention to have a very grand wedding. Due to a private affair, we did not share many photos and videos last year.

The idea of ​​the documentary came when we watched the wedding video. It has been shot in all three places, Lucknow, Delhi and Mumbai. Richa is sure that people will definitely like this documentary.

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