Man found ‘mummified’ in California home, coroner says

Officials in California last month found the body of a man they said had likely died years ago sitting in a chair inside his home. Now the coroner suspects the man’s son had been collecting his deceased dad’s retirement money as his father decomposed. 

“He was basically mummified,” Kevin Raggio, the Calaveras County coroner, told USA TODAY. 

Raggio identified the man as Vada Clinton Freer, 91. He was found at his home in a remote town near California’s Sierra Nevada mountains by Calaveras County Sheriff deputies when they tried to conduct a next-of-kin notification last month. 

Freer’s son, Randall Freer, 63, had died suddenly that day in a neighboring county, Lt. Greg Stark, a Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson, told the Los Angeles Times.

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