Man With 8 Feet 3 Inches-Long Beard Creates New World Record

Last Updated: March 23, 2023, 09:45 IST

Sarwan Singh began growing his facial hair ever since he was 17. (Image Credit : YouTube/
Guinness World Records)

Sarwan Singh’s beard is longer than the current height of the world’s tallest man Sultan Kosen by 0.2 inches.

The Guinness World Record holder for the worldโ€™s longest beard (male) has broken his own record. Identified to be Sarwan Singh, the man first earned the record title back in 2008. At the time his beard measured about 7 feet and 8 inches long. Since then it has also been updated in 2010 when it measured 8 feet and 2.5 inches long. Hailing from Surrey, British Columbia, now his beard measures about 8 feet and 3 inches. The Guinness World Record reveals Sarwan Singh began growing his facial hair ever since he was 17.

He explained that his beard is a symbol of his Sikh faith and he never trims it. While assessing the length, the facial hair was measured wet so that any curls would not hamper the process. While speaking of the world record book, Sarwan candidly spoke about how he grooms his beard which involves him untying his facial hair every morning and unfurling it in a tub. He soaks it in water and then also shampoos it from top to the bottom, cleaning every stand in the process. After shampooing comes conditioning the hair and once it is rinsed off properly Sarwan allows it to pat dry.

The beard is then combed and secured in place with oil or gel, the Sikh man keeps it tied throughout the day using a cloth. Maintaining the length is not an easy task for him, but the man asserts that he enjoys the process. Sarwan believes that his facial hair is a blessing from god. โ€œSikh has five Ks, which are articles of faith, and Kes, the hair, is one of the most important ones. Without the Kes, a Sikh is not a Sikh,โ€ he said.

He added, โ€œThis is something that was given as a gift from god. Itโ€™s not a personal achievement. Iโ€™m blessed that I was chosen to be the person with the longest beard. As Sikhs, we all keep the beard and we grow it and comb it and go through the daily routines, but I feel lucky that Iโ€™m the one that has the longest beard.”

The Sikh man explained that he is utterly proud of his world record and also feels grateful to be known for his feature that holds great importance in his life.

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