Manbads ransacked the house, got injured by thrashing them with sticks | Manbads ransacked the house, got injured by thrashing them with sticks

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Although the festival of Holi ended with sporadic incidents in Sonbhadra, but by evening a major incident in the Churk area of ​​Robertsganj Kotwali area not only spread panic in the area. Rather, the security system of the police was also exposed.

The case is of Churk village of Churk Chowki area of ​​Robertsganj Kotwali area. Where people were getting ready for the Holi meeting after playing Holi that more than a dozen people armed with hockey sticks and sticks reached Churk village on bikes and directly attacked the village head’s house. Manbad people reached the village head’s residence and first attacked the CCTV camera and after that damaged all the things including the LCD. Not only this, many items including the electric meter installed in the house, the door of the house and the parked car were damaged. When the attackers had raided Pradhan’s house. There was no man in the house at that time. Only women were busy with their work at home.

The miscreants came riding on bikes

The village head says that more than a dozen people came and ransacked and started looting. Other women members of the house told that when they went to stop the attackers, they were also beaten up and started damaging the goods. He told that not only this, even women’s jewelry was snatched away. Hearing the screams happening at the time of the incident, the people around the village started gathering after which the attackers fled from the spot. At the same time, the police is still engaged in the investigation of this incident.

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