Maneka Gandhi held a meeting with the DM, called for hoisting the tricolor from August 13 to 15. Maneka Gandhi held a meeting with the DM, called for hoisting the tricolor from August 13 to 15

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In Sultanpur, on the first day of her visit, Maneka Gandhi, former Union Minister and MP of Sultanpur, resolved public grievances through Jan Choupal in a dozen villages including Haripur, Budhapur, Katghara entire Chauhan, Mevpur, Ravaniya of Karaundikala development block of Kadipur assembly constituency. did. Earlier, he resolved the problems of a large number of people in the Janata Darshan program at his residence.

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Maneka Gandhi inspired women of self-help groups to cultivate mehndi and lemon in Rampur Duvayal village of Karaundi Kala. He said that the women of the group can earn more than one lakh rupees per year by cultivating mehendi and lemon. MP Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, while talking to reporters, said that due to lack of rain, he has asked DM to conduct a survey to declare Sultanpur district as drought-hit. She said that she would also talk to the Chief Minister to declare the district drought-hit and help the affected farmers.

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Maneka Gandhi informed that in order to strengthen the power supply in Sultanpur, the demand for setting up of 132 KVA electric power stations in Akhandnagar, Kurebhar and Asroga of 3 assembly constituencies of the district has been met with Energy Minister Arvind Sharma. On the ‘Har Ghar Tricolor’ campaign organized on the Amrit Festival of Independence, he said that it is a matter of pride for the countrymen to hoist the tricolor at their homes. Smt. Gandhi has also called upon the residents of Sultanpur parliamentary constituency to hoist the tricolor at their homes from August 13 to August 15.

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