Mankading in U-19 WC: Ugandan bowler reiterates Mankad controversy; Yuvraj Singh said – it is shameful, Tabrez Shamsi said – Batsmen should stay behind the crease

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In the Der-19 World Cup, Ugandan bowler Joseph Baguma, in the 10th over, dismissed Papua New Guinean batsman John Kariko, who was standing at the non-strike end, for a Mankading run out.

The debate has erupted once again regarding Mankading run out. In the Under-19 World Cup, the Ugandan player dismissed the batsman standing at the non-striker’s end through Mankading. Former cricketer Yuvraj Singh expressed his displeasure on social media regarding this. Reacting to ICC’s video post, he wrote absolutely wrong.

On the other hand, South African bowler Tabrez Shamsi does not consider it wrong. Taking the bowler’s side, he wrote – If the batsman gets out of his crease before throwing the ball and the bowler gives him Mankading out, then there is nothing wrong in it. When the bowler accidentally crosses the line, it is called a no ball and he is also punished. If his ball is given a free hit, then the batsmen should also stay behind the crease.

what is the matter
In fact, during the 13th place playoff match in the Under-19 World Cup being played in the West Indies on Friday, Ugandan bowler Joseph Baguma, in the 10th over, ran out Papua New Guinean batsman John Kariko standing at the non-strike end. Kariko was outside the crease. John could not even open his account.

There was controversy over Mankading run out in IPL 2019
In an IPL match in 2019, R Ashwin, who was then the captain of Punjab Kings XI, got Mankading run out when he was out of the crease before bowling the ball to Rajasthan Royals’ Jos Buttler. After which there was a lot of debate. Many cricketers believed that Ashwin should have given a warning first. On the other hand, Ashwin had then bluntly said that he does not regret his actions and will do the same every time.

This type of runout is called ‘Mankading’ in the name of Vinoo Mankad.
Running out a batsman before a ball is bowled is called Mankading. It was named after former Indian captain Vinoo Mankad. The Indian team was on a tour of Australia in 1947. Mankad was bowling and during this Australian batsman Bill Brown went ahead of the crease. Mankad had him run out.

Mankad had also faced criticism. However, he was defended by Don Bradman, who was then captaining Australia. He said that why this is happening, I cannot understand it. The rules of cricket are clear. A non-striker batsman has to remain in the crease until the ball is bowled.

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