Man’s Heartwarming Post On Cancer Survivor Daughter Wins Internet

The girl’s regrown hairs are seen in the picture.

A father and daughter have a special closeness that cannot be quantified or even put into words. A recent image posted by a father that has received a lot of attention is a nice example of that. A Twitter user named Wajahat Ali posted a picture of his cancer-survivor daughter, who has progressively grown all of her hair back. He described the difficulties she faced while battling cancer and declared that his daughter is now cancer-free.

“Here’s some sweetness in this sinking hellscape ahead of Thanksgiving. Here’s my daughter’s beautiful hair. Three years ago, she lost it all while undergoing chemotherapy for stage 4 cancer. Today, she’s six and cancer-free, and she just came back from her MMA class. Enjoy your loved ones and life!,” he wrote on Twitter.

His followers responded to the post in a nice way, and the girl received many compliments in the comments.

“Wonderful! Our grandbaby went through the same thing. We’re in the middle of our annual remembrance for her. After nearly two years of treatment, she died on October 19th. 9 days before her 3rd birthday. Such a funny girl, such a horrid journey-I’m so pleased when I see kids who get through it,” one user commented.

“Good health is all that matters! Congratulations on your little girl’s recovery! It’s things like this that make you realise health and love are the most important things in life. Everything else is just extra. Happy Thanksgiving,” commented another user.

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