Mathura Holi Special 2021 Latest News Updates. Devotee Monu Panda Walk On Fire In Falain Village In Mathura | Monu jumped 15 feet wide in a blazing fire, once again the devotee Prahlad’s life came alive

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Mathura13 minutes ago

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Monu Panda passes through the blazing fire.

  • Falain village is 50 km from Mathura, a tradition being played here for centuries.
  • Monu Panda gets absorbed in chanting and meditation after leaving food from a month ago

Holi, which is celebrated in the Falain village of Mathura in Uttar Pradesh, is a true representation of the mythological narrative. A unique tradition of Monday’s Alsubah Holi took place in the village. Like Prahlada, a man named Monu Panda jumped into a blazing fire 15 feet wide. When the panda came out of the fire amidst the burning fire of Holika, everyone who saw it was taken aback. Seeing this view, people started shouting praises to the devotee Prahlada. After jumping into the fire, nothing happened to Monu. Monu says that his family has been following this tradition for centuries.

People gathered to see the unique customs

A wonderful tradition is celebrated on Holi in village Falain of Umbrella Tehsil, 50 km from Mathura. There is a temple of the devotee Prahlad in this village. The 15 feet wide Holika was decorated outside the temple. Next to this is Prahlad Kund. Thousands of people had gathered to see this unique custom since late Sunday night. The women were singing the songs of the devotee Prahlad. At the same time, Monu was doing chanting and sitting in the panda temple. Holika was burnt here at around 5 am on Monday morning. The flames started rising rapidly. During this time Monu was taken to Prahlad Kund. Where he dived and then jumped into the burning bonfire while running. When he came out, the villagers caught him. After this, he revolved around Holika and went home.

Diwali like atmosphere in the village

This Holi, which is kept about 50 meters away from the Kund, is bigger than the holi and all the places. Monu Panda came out of this Holi. Here on Holi, people in the whole village do cleanliness like Diwali. During this time the villagers paint their houses. There is a different atmosphere in the village for this wonderful fair. In this fair, villagers worship bhajans to get rid of Monu Panda from the burning Holi.

Left grain a month ago

Monu Panda says that he was staying in the temple from Basant Panchami to jump into the burning Holika. During this, he fasted for a month. Had left food and continued to consume water and fruits. According to Monu Panda, this tradition has been going on since the Satyuga. This tradition is being practiced well in the Kali Yuga, going through the Satyuga. During the jump in the blazing Holika, he was wearing a skull on the shoulder, a garland around his neck and a turban and dhoti on his head.

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