Mathura Krishna Janmabhoomi Shahi Masjid Idgah Land Dispute in Allahabad High Court | Supreme Court lawyer filed a petition, saying – Krishna was born at the royal mosque, the place.

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Petitioner Mahek Maheshwari demands that the court direct the government that the disputed land be excavated under court supervision and report submitted to the court.

  • Earlier, 6 people, including lawyer Vishnu Jain, Ranjana Agnihotri, had filed a petition in the district judge court of Mathura.
  • The hearing is to be held on November 18, on Wednesday, three organizations of three Mathura also demanded to be made parties.

The dispute over the ownership of 13.37 acres of Mathura Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi has now reached the Allahabad High Court. On Thursday, the Supreme Court lawyer Mahek Maheshwari filed the petition. The petitioner demands that the place where the royal Idgah mosque is built, be given to Hindus, so that a temple can be constructed on that land as well. Until the disposal of this petition, the court Janmashtami or a few days a week should be allowed to offer prayers to Hindus inside the Idgah Mosque.

Explain that 6 people including Supreme Court lawyer Vishnu Jain, lawyer Ranjana Agnihotri filed a petition on behalf of Krishna Virajaman in the district court of Mathura. At the same time, on Wednesday, three other institutions have also filed a petition in the district court, seeking to make themselves parties in this case. On which hearing is proposed on 18 November.

What other things were kept in the petition

  • The court should direct the government that the disputed land should be dug under the supervision of the court and report submitted to the court.
  • The place where the royal Idgah Mosque is, is a prison. Where God was born.
  • The Places of Worship Act 1991 Act has been challenged. It is in this act that after 1947 religious places will remain as they are. This act prevents the legal fight for the ownership of Hindus in Kashi, Mathura. This act was not applicable to Ram Janmabhoomi.
  • Hindus should be allowed to pray where God was born, as this is a fundamental right of Hindus.

The case going on in Mathura court

A petition was filed in the court of Civil Judge Senior Division on behalf of six others including Advocate Ranjana Agnihotri seeking the ownership of 13.37 acres of land in Mathura and removal of the royal Idgah mosque. In the petition, the agreement reached in 1968 was wrong. On September 30, while hearing the case, the civil judge dismissed the petition.

The parties filed suit in the district judge’s court challenging the orders of the civil judge. Which the court accepted. The case is scheduled for hearing on November 18. In this case, the three parties have now filed a petition to hear them.


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