Mathura police arrested 2 vehicle thieves, recovered 10 motorcycles. Mathura police arrested 2 vehicle thieves, recovered 10 motorcycles

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These vehicle thieves caught by the police are experts in stealing bikes, in a few minutes these people used to steal the bike and run away from the spot.

Mathura Police has arrested two vicious vehicle thieves. Police station Govind Nagar arrested two vehicle thieves during checking. When the police recovered 10 stolen motorcycles from the caught thieves. While taking legal action against the caught thieves, the police have sent both of them to jail.

Vehicle thieves caught during checking

Mathura’s Govind Nagar police station was checking vehicles on the eve of Republic Day. Meanwhile, two people were seen coming from the bike. When the police stopped both of them and asked for the papers of the bike, they left the bike and started running away. After which the police chased both the vicious thieves and caught them. After this, the police came to know that the bike on which the people were present was stolen.

Police interrogated

When the police station Govind Nagar interrogated both the vicious bike thieves who were caught, it came to know that these people are experts in stealing bikes. Shivam Khandelwal s/o Rajesh Khandelwal, resident of Chauvia Pada, Bharatpur Gate police station, Kotwali and Gabbar Singh, s/o Charan Singh, resident of Panigaon police station, Jamuna Par, who were caught by the police, told that they have stolen more than 10 bikes so far.

This bike recovered from both the thieves is stolen

This bike recovered from both the thieves is stolen

this bike recovered

The police recovered 10 stolen bikes at the instance of Shivam and Gabbar. Police seized the number plate from both the vicious vehicle thieves – Motorcycle Passion Pro number- UP85 AQ 1126, Passion Pro color black whose chassis number MBLHA10BJFHC12810 and engine number HA10ETFHC39962, Splendor Plus color black whose chassis number MBLHAR082JHE15448 and engine number HA10AGJHEB5250, Splendor Plus color black Whose chassis number retailed and engine number HA10ERFHL14762, CD 110 Black color Black whose chassis number ME4JC673FG8024342 and engine number JC67E82024356 , CT 100 Bajaj color Red whose chassis number MD2A18AY1JPH86398 and engine number DUYPJH14147 , Splendor Plus color black whose chassis number MBLHA10EE89EJ0EJ0E2076E , Super Splendor color blue black whose chassis number 05DAAC13637 and engine number 05DAAM13154, Discover color blue whose chassis number was retailed and engine number JBUBUG7091, fake number plate number 0 UP 86 J 7016 recovered.

arrest team

Among those who arrested both the vicious vehicle thieves, Inspector-in-charge Lalit Bhati, Sub-inspector Neeraj Singh Bhati, Chowki in-charge Birla Mandir, Chaman Kumar Sharma, Chowki in-charge Deeng Gate, Dharmendra Kumar, Head Constable Srichandra, Constables Sanuj Tomar Pitambar, Ajit, Vinay Kumar. Ghulam Ahmed police station Govind Nagar was involved.

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