Maximum 393 people gave their lives in three years, so much death was not even in the accident. , In three years maximum 393 people gave their lives, so much death was not even in the accident.

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Unnao has the highest number of suicides in 2021.

In Unnao in 2021, 389 people committed suicide. 10 people were murdered. While 238 people lost their lives in road accidents. Among those who have committed suicide, the number of people troubled by domestic discord is more.

At the same time, some people could not bear the financial crisis caused by Corona, and committed suicide. In this there are some people who gave their lives due to illness. The number of suicides became so high that the number of people who died in accidents in the year went down.

2020 record also broken

In Unnao, every day in 2021 as compared to the previous years, due to various reasons, someone committed untimely death by hanging or consuming poison. The incidents of suicide broke the record of 2020 this time. According to the post mortem house data, till December 27, 389 people lost their lives due to hanging and poisoning.

Police conducted postmortem of 1500 dead bodies

According to the hospital data, the graph of untimely death of people due to natural and accidental death, hanging, poisoning and communicable diseases is increasing continuously in the last three years. According to the data of the post-mortem house, the police has got the post-mortem done of 1500 bodies. Whereas in 2020, the post-mortem of 1388 bodies and in 2019, 1372 bodies was done by the police.

Suicide incidents broke records

The incidents of suicide by hanging and consuming poison in the district in 2021 broke the record of the last two years. So far, 393 hanging and poisoning cases have been reported from the district. In 2020, about 310 people died due to hanging and poisoning and in 2019 298 people died. During the lockdown in 2020, 42 people committed suicide in the months of June and July. Also 55 deaths due to drowning have occurred in the whole year.

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