MeD ROBO gets an upgrade at DLS

The MeD ROBO (medical robot), developed by the Diesel Loco Shed (DLS) team in Visakhapatnam, has been upgraded with new features like two-way speaking facility with WiFi facility.

The additional facilities are intended to enhance the serving capabilities and a better interactive interface with the patients.

With the help of this robot, doctors, nurses and other medical staff will be able to treat patients from a distance, thereby eliminating the risk of contacting COVID-19, according to Senior Divisional Commercial Manager A.K. Tripathi.

The MeD ROBO is operated through a unique mobile app that was developed as part of the innovation, supported by the WiFi facility. The other new features include: UVC sanitising box, UVC lamps with remote control switch for corridor sanitisation, sensor-based hand sanitiser, sensor-based thermal scanner for finding human body temperature and backup power supply.

The robot was modified at DLS, Visakhapatnam, under the guidance of Chetan Kumar Shrivastava, Divisional Railway Manager, Waltair, and under the direct supervision of Santosh Kumar Patro, Senior Divisional Mechanical Engineer (Diesel).


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