Medical Interns For Covid Duty Among Big New Decisions Of PM Modi

New Delhi:

Medical interns can be deployed for Covid management duties under supervision of senior doctors and faculty members, the centre said Monday afternoon, as it announced a series of measures to increase manpower in the fight against the COVID-19 virus.

The centre also said final-year MBBS students could be deployed in tele-consultation roles and to monitor, while also under supervision of faculty members, mild Covid cases

The centre also postponed the NEET-PG medical entrance exam for at least four months adding that the exam will now not be held before August 31. Registered candidates will be given a month’s notice before the rescheduled exam is held.

The postponement of the exam, the centre said, would make a large number of qualified doctors and medical students available for Covid duties.

These decisions come as India faces a devastating new wave of coronavirus infections, which has put immense pressure on the healthcare system. Hospital beds are in seriously short supply, as are medicines, oxygen supplies and trained medical professionals to help treat patients.

This morning India reported over 3.68 new cases in the previous 24 hours. Over 3,400 deaths were also reported.


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