Medical student kidnapped in Kushinagar and kidnapper demanded 20 lakhs ransom | Sandeep went to a party with friends; He didn’t return home, he called for ransom of 20 lakhs

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Medical student kidnapped in Kushinagar, demanded ransom of 20 lakhs. Bad condition of mother crying. Mother Nirmala in inset.

A medical student who had gone for a feast with friends was kidnapped in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh. By calling late in the night, the kidnappers informed the father. Also demanded a ransom of 20 lakhs for leaving the son. The father informed the police about the kidnapping of the son. After receiving the complaint, the police is looking for the accused.

The case is of Indiranagar ward of Hata Nagar in the district. Where Narad Gupta’s son Sandeep went to a feast with his friends near Sharda Hospital located at Kaptanganj intersection. While leaving home, Sandeep had told his sister that he was going to Ajit’s place for a feast with friends. Will return soon But, neither he came again nor did he get any news. Around 9 o’clock in the night, the father’s mobile got a call from an unknown number, then the kidnappers told that Sandeep has been kidnapped. Then he demanded a ransom of Rs 20 lakh in exchange for the son. After that the phone got disconnected. Mother Nirmala is in a bad condition after the kidnapping of her son.

Police registered a named FIR

On Friday, the day after the kidnapping, the police registered an FIR on the father’s complaint. Police have registered a case of kidnapping against two unknown people including Ajit alias Bhattu. After the FIR, the police is interrogating the named accused by taking him into custody.

Police assured to bring the son safely

The police assured the father that soon his son would be taken home safely. Additional Superintendent of Police Ayodhya Prasad Singh, Circle Officer Kasaya Piyush Kant Rai and Inspector-in-Charge Jaiprakash Pathak have recorded the statement of the father. Additional Superintendent of Police said that four teams have been deployed to nab the kidnappers. The matter will be disclosed soon.

suspicion deepened on friends

The father told that his son is doing pathology course in a paramedical college in Gorakhpur. He came home due to the lockdown, since then he was at home. They allege that three people on two bikes had come to his house to pick up the son at seven in the evening. With whom Sandeep went to the feast. The same friends have kidnapped his son.

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