Memorandum handed over to the vehicle procession, the demand is not fulfilled, warning of statewide agitation at home. Kanpur | Memorandum handed over to the vehicle procession, the demand is not fulfilled, warning of statewide agitation at home

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Traders demonstrated by taking out a vehicle procession in protest against the market fee

In UP, traders took out a vehicle procession and submitted a memorandum to return the Mandi Act and Mandi fee implemented outside the mandis. Traders were seen shouting slogans during the protest. He demanded that in any case the mandi fee implemented in the state should be returned. During the Corona period, instead of giving relief, the government is collecting more fees. Due to which the condition of the traders is very bad. Traders said that this will make things expensive, which will have an effect on the general public. Therefore, taking care of the general public, the implementation of this fee is completely unjust. The protest was organized by the Indian Industry Trade Association.

Submitted a memorandum addressed to the Chief Minister regarding fee refund

The officials of the Indian Board of Industry and Trade took out a protest procession from the Ghantaghar, the site of the Bharat Mata statue, demanding the refund of the mandi fee inside the mandis. This procession went to Phulbagh via Nayaganj, Birhana Road. The traders took out a two-wheeler procession and submitted a memorandum addressed to the Chief Minister to the ACP.
Meanwhile, in the vehicle procession, the traders were also raising slogans of end the market fee.

After the withdrawal of the agricultural law, the fee was implemented,

Addressing at the conclusion, State Senior General Secretary of the Board of Industries of India, Gyanesh Mishra said that after the return of agricultural laws in the country on December 1, 2021, the market fee was implemented outside the mandis in UP on December 10. Which is not in the interest of the traders of Galla, Pulses, Pulses, Jaggery, Wood, Grocery etc. He said that there has been no justification for mandi fee after the implementation of GST on July 1, 2017 in the country by incorporation of 17 state and central taxes. In such a situation, this market fee is a hindrance in business somewhere. This mandi fee will have to be abolished by the state government at its own level.

Inspector Raj will get a boost

Traders said that under the Mandi Act, many documents including 6R, 9R, gate pass, stock register will have to be kept in the state. Which is not proper, it will cause problems to the traders associated with agricultural products and it will lead to inspector raj and corruption. Therefore, the market fee should be refunded outside the mandis. And for running the system even inside the mandis, the market fee should be made only 0.25 percent.

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