Mental Health Awareness: Ira Khan had received advice from Aamir and Kiran on disclosure of depression, said- ‘I met 4 psychiatrists in 4 years’

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Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan is in the news by revealing her depression and sexual abuse at the age of 14. After talking openly on depression, Ira is now spreading awareness by making videos related to it. Meanwhile, Ira shared a new video and said that she has been in depression for four years and is feeling better for the last one year. Ira shared the matter of depression with his parents and Anti Kiran Rao, on which Kiran gave him very good suggestions.

Talking openly on depression, Ira recently released a new video from an Instagram account. In this, he said, when I made the first video, people in the comments section suggested to me that keep yourself busy, do workouts, be positive. People who know me know how busy I keep myself and how much workouts I do. I went to 4 different doctors in these four years and apart from these my parents and Kiran Aunty all advised me to stop. Move slowly Don’t be so busy, don’t leave one job and start another.

Afraid to do workouts: Ira

Further Ira said, keeping myself busy was the opposite of what I really wanted. I did a lot of workouts, and now I am afraid to do workouts. I want to be strong but afraid to do workouts, this is a big problem. People say stay positive but I cannot force myself to be positive. Every person’s depression is different, everyone needs different types of advice.

IRA is constantly trying to spread awareness among people by sharing the essentials related to mental health. For this, he thought it better to tell his story and experience. Let us tell that Aamir’s daughter was in depression for the last 4 years, whose treatment is going on. Currently, Ira has been recovering continuously for a year.

IRA is unaware of the cause of his depression

Ira had revealed his depression on social media on the occasion of Mental Health Day on 10 October. She told that she does not know the reason for her depression. When she was just 14 years old, she was physically abused by acquaintances, although this is also not the cause of depression. Ira said that it was not a big deal for his parents to get divorced or separated as it happened with mutual consent.


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