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Messi can sign with Beckham’s team: America’s football league can join Major League Soccer team Inter Miami

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  • Lionel Messi Says He Will Join Major League Soccer’s Inter Miami

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Messi’s contract with French club Paris Saint-Germain will expire on June 30.

Lionel Messi can join Inter Miami, the team of America’s football league Major League Soccer. Messi’s contract with French club Paris Saint-Germain will expire on June 30. Messi played his last match for PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) against Clermont Football Club in Ligue 1 on Saturday.

According to reports, Messi had received the highest money offer in the history of Saudi league, but he did not accept that offer. The Barcelona club was also looking for a way for Messi to return. However, David Beckham’s team Inter Miami and Messi have not yet shared much information about the deal.

There were many more transfers in the football world on Wednesday. Benzema has signed a two-year contract with Al-Ittihad after leaving Real Madrid. Al Itihas will give him Rs 1,768 crore for one season during 2 years. It is believed that Al Ittihad has also tied up with N’Golo Kante of France. He was given Rs 883 crore by Al Ittihad. Bought in At the same time, to fulfill the absence of Benzema, Real Madrid signed a deal of Rs 910 crore with Dortmund.

new contract not signed
In fact, Lionel Messi’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires on June 30. PSG presented a new contract to Messi, but Messi did not sign it. Messi scored 21 goals and 20 assists for PSG this season.

There were reports of rift between Messi and PSG
For a long time, news of rift between him and PSG club was also coming to the fore. A few days back, Messi was banned for two weeks by the club for traveling to Saudi Arabia. Messi later apologized to the club.

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