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Met Gala 2023: Roger Federer Co-hosts The Fashion Extravaganza, Know His Amazing Food Choices

Met Gala 2023: Roger Federer Co-hosts The Fashion Extravaganza, Know His Amazing Food Choices

Roger Federer took to Instagram to share these lovely moments of him in New York ahead of the Met Gala. (Images: Instagram)

Roger Federer walked the Met Gala red carpet after years with his wife, Mirka Federer but ahead of that he enjoyed a good New York burger and shared it on his social media too

Met Gala 2023 saw tennis legend Roger Federer as the co-host of the much-anticipated evening. Fans could not help but swoon at the athlete as he walked the red carpet of the show with his wife alongside him, looking as dapper as always. To look that phenomenal, Roger maintains a very stringent diet and involves himself in strenuous workout sessions.

Those associated with sports never have a fixed diet, it keeps changing according to the plans that lie ahead of them. However, over the ages, a few things about Rogerโ€™s diet have stayed fixed and the components of the diet are rather impressive. Post Rogerโ€™s retirement he has often been seen enjoying a delicacy or two every now and then. Do not believe us? Well, see for yourself-ย 

The tennis maestro yesterday allowed himself to indulge in a good old burger and the smile on his face is a clear sign of how much he was enjoying the delicacy. The picture immediately went viral because a lot of sports enthusiasts could not believe that he would skip his diet and consume something that was so carb-heavy but this should not come as a shock to anyone considering he has always been someone who cherishes the art of eating.

Even when Roger was playing professional tennis, he was noted saying in a lot of interviews that he absolutely loves to eat seafood on his cheat days. The star play is a true Swiss at heart and is extremely fond of eating chocolates and he has always been public about his sweet tooth. In an interview with New York Times back in 2021, Roger spoke about his absolute comfort food, which is Zurcher Geschnetzeltes- this is a delicacy that comprises minced meat and mushroom sauce.

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