Michael Vaughan shared the video of the strange bowling action: Bowling continuously by rotating the hands, people remember the bullets that hit them

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Remember the shot of the movie Lagaan? The one whose dangerous bowling is not understood by the English batsmen. The same bullet that repeatedly swings his hand before throwing the ball. This character was played by Dayashankar Pandey. Batsmen get into trouble with such action of theirs. The video of one such bowler is going viral on social media. First a Twitter user tweeted the video of this player.

Michael Vaughan told it the right way to bowl

This video was shared by a freelance commentator Charles Dagnall. After this, former England cricket team captain Michael Vaughan also tweeted this. Sharing the video, Vaughan wrote, ‘Proper action’ that means this is the right way to bowl.

In this video, the bowler moves his hand several times before throwing the ball instead of the usual bowling action. Due to this the batsman cannot understand when the bowler will release the ball. Also when will the ball come to him. It is also difficult to understand the line and length of the ball. Even in the viral video, the batsman does not understand the ball, it is a far cry from playing. At the same time, the wicketkeeper also finds it difficult to understand the ball. He is unable to catch the ball properly. Well, it is good for a batsman to avoid getting out.

Famous bowlers like Bumrah and Malinga also have different action

In the world of cricket, many bowlers have been in the news for their unique action. Well-known bowlers like Jasprit Bumrah and Lasith Malinga are the best examples of this. Many spinners were also known for their unique action.

What is the story of Lagaan movie?
The movie Lagaan is about a village in 1893. Due to drought in this village, the crops of the people are not good. Disturbed by this, people go to the king to demand that the rent be waived. Here the king is busy watching cricket with the British. Seeing all this, a young boy Bhuvan gets angry. He makes fun of cricket. Company Captain Andrew Russell did not like this thing. He challenges Bhuvan to play a cricket match. He says that if the people of the village defeat the British team, their rent will be forgiven for three years. Bhuvan gets happy hearing this and agrees to play the match.

He returns and tries to persuade the people of the village to play cricket. Somehow he manages to build a cricket team. When the village team is in trouble in the match, the bullet is sent to bowl. At first no one understands the bowling action of the bullet. An English batsman gets out early. Later, Russell understands the action of the bullet and tells it to his fellow batsman. In the end, after a lot of hard work, the villagers win.

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