Michigan Man Wins 82 Lakh Rupees In Lottery, Thought He’s Getting Pranked

The winner recently went to Lottery headquarters to accept the huge award.

A man from Michigan, United States first ignored a mail that confirmed that he has won a lottery prize worth $100,000 (approx 82 lakh rupees) playing the Michigan Lottery’s $300,000,000 Diamond Riches Second Chance game. He first thought that someone from his college friends was doing a prank on him but later it got confirmed.

According to Michigan Lottery Connect, the winning player, who wanted to remain anonymous, earned $100,000 in a random lottery on September 28. He made his entry into the drawing by scanning non-winning $300,000,000 Diamond Riches tickets on the Michigan Lottery app.

The 59-year-old winner told Michigan Lottery Officials, “I got an email that said I won $100,000 in a Lottery second chance game. I thought it was from some college buddies who were playing a trick on me. Even after I talked to someone at the Lottery, I was sceptical about everything. Now, sitting here holding a check, I know that it’s very real!”

The winner recently went to Lottery headquarters to accept the huge award. He intends to keep his winnings, said Michigan Lottery.

“I’ve been a Lottery player for a long time and I’ve won a little here and there, but you never think it will be you who wins the big one,” the man said. “I’ve dreamt about what this would be like, but never imagined it would be a reality,” he further said.

According to the Michigan Lottery, each non-winning $300,000,000 Diamond Riches ticket qualifies for a second opportunity to win a reward between $500 to $100,000. Before scanning their non-winning tickets on the Michigan Lottery mobile app ticket scanner by November 13, 2022, players can enter.


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