Micro review: ‘A Killer Among Us’ by Ushasi Sen Basu – Times of India

‘A Killer Among Us’ by Ushasi Sen Basu is a well written whodunnit which will keep you guessing.

The premise is simple. In an apartment complex, a stranger’s body is found. His identity and the reason for his murder are yet to be uncovered and now eveyone in the complex is a suspect. There is a whole bevy of interesting characters- From the old Mrs. Ghoshal, who is obsessed with her soap operas; to Deepa, the stern single mother; to Nandana Roy, middle-aged housewife; Ira, a young journalist and some more.

While the characters add fun to the tale, the true brilliance is in the plot. With several red herrings and several suspenseful points, this book will be hard to put down and difficult to predict. It’s a good book for one who has the time to read it in one setting.


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