Micro review: ‘Grandparents’ Bag of Stories’ by Sudha Murty – Times of India

‘Grandparents’ Bag of Stories’ by Sudha Murty is a follow up to her popular Grandma’s Bag of Stories. It’s a delightful collection of stories that will not only entertain children stuck at home during the pandemic, but will also be relatable for them.

Published during the 2020, this tome contains relatable tales from the pandemic. The children in the tales stitch facemasks, help out with the cleaning, cooking and other chores of the house and even assist their family in helping those in need. In between the daily chores, they hear fascinating tales about kings and thieves, Gods and Goddesses, beanstalks and strange kingdoms from their grandparents.

Written in Murty’s simple and pleasant style, this book will be a great companion for any child during this lockdown. In the years to come it can be bought to teach other generations what it was like for children during the pandemic.


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