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Mihir Shah Shaved, Cut Hair To Evade Arrest After BMW Hit-And-Run

Mihir Shah Shaved, Cut Hair To Evade Arrest After BMW Hit-And-Run

On July 6, Mihir Shah was allegedly driving the BMW.

Mihir Shah, the 24-year-old son of a politician, was arrested yesterday for allegedly running his BMW over a woman in Mumbai on the morning of July 6. The 24-year-old shaved his beard and cut his hair to evade arrest, the police told the court. The accused was caught after three days in Shahpur near Mumbai. 

The police were on a hunt to arrest the man. They told the court that the accused allegedly threw the number plate of the BMW. The police are trying to find the plate which Mihir allegedly threw. The accused has been sent to police custody till July 16.

The cops formed multiple teams to catch the politician’s son, who was tracked down to an apartment in Virar, which is approximately 65 km from Mumbai. The hit-and-run incident took place in Mumbai’s Worli. 

BMW Hit-And-Run

On July 6, Mihir Shah was allegedly driving the BMW, after spending Rs 18,730 at the bar, where he partied for hours with four friends. He allegedly rammed the two-wheeler at 5.30 am on Sunday.

The victim has been identified as Kaveri Nakhwa, 45. She was with her husband, Pradip Nakhwa, who escaped with injuries. The two were shopping for fish to cook for a family meal.

Later, horrific details emerged of the crash, including CCTV footage that indicated that the woman was dragged for 1.5 km after the collision before the BMW was stopped.

The police said the footage also indicated Shah then exchanged seats with Rajishri Bidawat, the driver, and pulled the woman’s body out from under the car and left it on the road. The car was then driven away.

But, in an even more horrific turn of events, the driver reportedly reversed the car to run over her body one more time before speeding off and out of the CCTV’s field of vision, the police said.

The Vice-Global Tapas Bar, which sold liquor to Mihir when the legal drinking age in Mumbai was 25, has faced action from officials. 

The Excise Department officials sealed the property and the illegal bits were demolished. The action was taken under relevant provisions of the Bombay Foreign Liquor Rules.

Politician Suspended From Party

Rajesh Shah, the father of Mihir Shah, was suspended from the Eknath Shinde faction’s Shiv Sena. Shah was a Sena leader from Palghar district.

Rajesh Shah had been arrested on Sunday, hours after the collision.

The husband had complained to the police and cops from Worli caught Rajesh Shah and the family driver, Rajrishi Bidawat, in the BMW when Mihir Shah hit the bike, as they were destroying evidence.

The cops also believe Rajesh Shah and Bidawat helped Mihir Shah escape; multiple phone calls were logged between father and son in the immediate aftermath of the collision.

However, Rajesh Shah received bail a day after his arrest – on payment of Rs 15,000.

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