Mika’s 44th birthday today: When Mika Singh had claimed – the marriage has not happened yet due to elder brother Daler Mehndi

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Rapper-singer Mika Singh is celebrating his 44th birthday today (Thursday). On this special occasion, his fans, friends and many Bollywood celebs are also congratulating him by sharing posts on social media. Mika has built a successful career over the years, yet he is still single and once blamed his elder brother Daler Mehndi for it. Mika had claimed in a comedy show that many years ago they were in a serious relationship, but then elder brother Daler Mehndi became the reason for their breakup.

Daler Paji is the only reason I am not married
Actually, Mika and Daler appeared together in the comedy show ‘Entertainment Ki Raat’ in 2017. Mika then revealed on the show that he was a guitarist in Daler’s team in 1995 and was living with them at the time. In the show, Mika claimed that they were in a serious relationship at that time. Singer Mika of ‘Sawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag’ had further told that he had then given the landline number of his elder brother Daler to one of his girlfriends. Mika jokingly said, “One day when he called, God only knows what Daler paaji told him that he had broken up with me and then my heart was broken. The only reason for me not to marry The reason is Daler Paji.”

Daler denied Mika’s claims
However, in an interview earlier this year, Daler denied Mika’s claims. He had said, “She is not getting married, must be her own internal failure or some other reason.” Daler further said, “Last time I met, I told him that you get married. I want you to have many children. There is so much money, there is so much, where will it go? I will try my best this year. I will put him on a mare only after killing him, but I will get married.”

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